Sky Arte

Channel Branding

We were asked to carry out the channel branding of Sky Arte, a new tv channel entirely dedicated to Arts. The request was to express an idea of “pervasive” art, with a graphic solution able to convey the message that art can be everywhere. The client requested a strong link with Italy and a really simple, direct and eclectic language.



Rome Ident
  • Concept
  • Shooting
  • Animation
  • Special effects integration
  • Compositing
  • Sound design
Naples Ident
Through the use of very iconic spots of italian cities of art, and the addition of energy made by fluid and ever changing graphic elements wrapping the scene and playing with shapes, graphic elements met all the requests. At the same time they reflected the pervasiveness and eclecticism of the channel, while representing the italian concept of art.


Venice Ident
The Venice Ident was hard to shoot, because of the need of finding a perfect spot, where in a single frame, without camera movements, we could describe the city of Venice. Every single channel in Venice is full of boats and people, making it harder to joint all the elements needed in one frame.  We bought a very significant amount of postcards, thinking : “If the postcards can describe the city in one shot, we can study them and isolate the elements we need”. Some of these elements came to be: bridges, gondolas, briccole (coloured  water poles in front of the hotels). The location was chosen the day before the shooting, near the palace of the Doge. The one that can be seen in the distance is the very famous “Ponte dei Sospiri”. The fog that we had that morning added a pleasant dreaming ambience to the shoot.

This project was awarded at the Brand Identity GrandPrix 2012, with the 1st prize in Broadcast Design/Graphics/ Animation category.

Pisa Ident
Milan Ident


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